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The Southern Alberta Rottweiler Rescue (SARR) was formed in 1995 when our Founder noticed there was no breed-specific organization to advocate for Rottweilers.  Since then, our volunteers have rescued, retrained and re-homed hundreds of unwanted Rottweilers.

We are a federally registered charity#  85927 7287 RR0001  relying on donations to cover our operational costs as our adoption fees cover just a small portion of the cost to rescue each dog (on average $500).   SARR is run by a small group of volunteers and a dedicated membership including ethical breeders.

Our dogs come to us from across Canada and the Northern United States, first priority is given to animals whose time has run out at shelters,  owner surrenders are  accepted, space permitting.  If you need to surrender a Rottweiler, please contact us at  Please note, you must be the owner of the dog needing to be surrendered (or a representative of an animal welfare agency, or law enforcement agency) and will be asked to respond to a detailed list of questions about the animal.   It is unfortunate, but we don't have space to take in every animal that we are asked to advocate for.

There are a lot of myths about the "type" of dogs a rescue receives, many of our dogs came from backyard breeders, others are CKC registered and the breeder wouldn't take them back when their family's situation changed.   Every life matters, regardless of pedigree, we believe that "second-hand Rottweilers give first class love" and urge anyone contemplating getting a puppy, to check out what a rescue dog has to offer.  They come sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, house trained, crate trained with beginner level of obedience and full of love.  What more could you want?

We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We are not a kennel.  All our foster dogs live in our homes with our dogs, cats and children so that we can tell potential adopters all about them.  Our dogs are temperament assessed prior to entering the organization and sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked before being adopted.

We are committed to saving this majestic breed, sometimes this means working with an owner that is struggling with some behavioural issues with their Rottweiler by offering supportive training tips.  Other times it means we need to help make difficult decisions on behalf of Rottweilers identified to have a poor temperament  that we are asked to evaluate, to ensure that the media stereotype of the breed is not further perpetuated.  We will not knowingly adopt out a dog that is not temperamentally sound.

No one breed of dog is "bad" or "dangerous", they are all a product of their environment.  We welcome public education and advocacy opportunities.

Occasionally, when circumstances warrant, we place special dogs into permanent foster care.  Please visit our Permanent Foster Dogs page to donate to sponsor one of these special dogs.

Rescue is about restoring hope and dignity to creatures for whom no one else cares about.  The responsibility is big but the returns on our emotional investment are greater. You cannot place a value on the look of contentment that comes when an animal is clean, exercised, warm, fed and safe for the first time in its life.  Nor can you place a value on the look of thanks an owner gives you for the special dog they can't imagine living without.

How an individual treats a creature says a lot about their values and character.  We are grateful to the generous support of our family and friends over the years, the dedicated medical teams at Riverbend Animal Clinic and Southpointe Pet Hospital, the Canine Fitness Center, our animal welfare agency partners, our retail partner  - Especially for Pets, generous donors and past (and future) adopters.  Without them - this journey just would not be possible!