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Payton – Payton was adopted from SARR and had a great life with her big brother Joey.  She lived every day with much joy and is missed greatly.

ZeppoZeppo was a long term foster dog of SARR after spending over a year in adoptions without finding his forever home.  Soon after entering long term foster care, Zeppo was diagnosed with cancer.  Zeppo loved going for walks and went on a fantastic one on his last day.  His goofiness will be missed.

JaydaJayda was a long term foster dog of SARR after she came into the organization in 2007 and it was determined she likely had cancer.  However, Jayda beat the odds and managed to live another 4 years in permanent foster care.  Her bossiness around the house will be missed.

Sasha - Sasha was a long term foster dog of SARR after spending over a year in adoptions without finding her forever home.  Sasha spent many years in foster care before succumbing to cancer in February, 2012.  Her love of food will not be matched!

Hero Hero was an older male Rottweiler that was transferred to SARR from an SPCA after he was seized due to poor living conditions.  Hero lived a great life in his permanent foster home where he was showered with attention and went for daily walks.  Sadly, Hero succumbed to cancer after a brief but brave fight.  He will be missed greatly.

Zeus found his forever home with a family in Calgary, complete with children to adore and a Pug cross brother to boss him around.  After reaching the ripe old age of 11, and suffering from stiff joints, going blind in one eye Zeus made the journey over Rainbow Bridge today with his family at his side.  Rest well Zeus.

Gemini –  Gemini was a mini rottie with a big personality.  She found her forever home in Northern Alberta and lived an amazing life with her family until she succumbed to cancer.  She is greatly missed.

Shorty  was an 11 year old female rottweiler that was dumped by her owner at the local SPCA because he didn't have time for her anymore.  Thankfully, the SPCA contacted SARR and Shorty was immediately brought into our organization.  Thinking we were going to have another long term foster dog on our hands, we were pleasantly surprised when one of the staff members at our veterinarian's office instantly fell in love with Shorty and adopted her.  Shorty had a wonderful time enjoying her retirement years with her new BFF - the resident Boston Terrier!  Shorty far exceeded anyone’s expectations regarding her life span.  Shorty passed away peacefully soon after the newest family member was born (a 2 legged family member!)  We are sure Shorty is now busy being a guardian angel.

Helga Helga was a big female rottie with an even bigger personality.  Helga found her forever home in Northern Alberta and enjoyed being the boss of the place until cancer took her too quickly.  We are sure her bossiness is missed.

Jaida Jaida was a sweet rottie that was the matriarch of a family that included another SARR adoptee and a senior beagle.  Jaida lived a great life and thoroughly enjoyed her retirement place in SK until the end.  She is very much missed by everyone in the family.

Buddy found his forever home in Northern Alberta with a family and is enjoying being the center of attention.  Way to go Buddy! Buddy was a supersize rottie that was adopted by a home in Northern Alberta and enjoyed hanging out with his mom when she worked from home.  Buddy was his mom’s BFF till the end and is greatly missed.

Ranger – Ranger was a rottie x that had an awful start in life but was adopted to a great home in Northern Alberta and was the center of attention for many years.  Ranger succumbed to cancer in his retirement years and is missed by all. 

Tonka – Tonka was a supersize rottie that was adopted by a great family in the Calgary area and even moved to the US for a period of time.  Tonka died peacefully surrounded by the family that cherished him and is greatly missed. 

Bosley – Bosley was a sweet rottie that loved his life in his Northern Alberta home complete with other rottie-siblings and cats too.  Sadly, Bosley passed away after a brief illness and is greatly missed by everyone in his family.