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Casey came to SARR when her owners didn't want her anymore.  Unfortunately she missed out proper socialization and was determined to not be safe for rehoming and SARR made the difficult decision to help Casey find the peace so desperately craved.  Casey will be missed for the wonderful dog she could have become had she been properly socialized and the last gleeful run she gave her foster Mom!

Baby was a young Rottweiler that sadly did not get the best start in life.  He was severely deformed at birth and after extensive consultation with our veterinarians, it was decided that Baby was in too much pain to continue living in his physical state.  Baby passed away in the loving arms of his foster home.

Keifer crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November, 2009 after his adoptive home did everything they could to save him.  Sadly, like many Rottweilers, Keifer succumbed to cancer in the loving arms of his adoptive mom Gail.

Kaden cross the Rottweiler Bridge in December 2009 in the arms of his loving dad Brad.  Kaden was Brad's good friend and went many places with Brad - he even moved from Calgary to the West Coast with him!  Kaden is dearly missed.

Sarge is a 5 year old male who came to SARR when his young owner moved to no-pet housing and was unable to keep him.  Sarge is a big fellow with an even bigger heart!  He was recently neutered and is used to living with small dogs, cats and children. Sarge found his forever home with a family in Calgary that had recently lost their beloved Rott-boy.  Sarge is enjoying getting to know his new family.

Sarge crossed Rainbow Bridge in May 2009 after a courageous battle with cancer.  Sarge will forever be missed for his “larger than life” personality and never ever be forgotten by his Mom, Schari.

Rosie was approximately 11 years old when she came into our organization; she was dumped on an acreage in Northern Alberta after what our vets felt was a very hard life.  Rosie happily made her way into her permanent foster home where she was spoiled for over a year with great food, soft beds and plenty of toys.  Sadly, in July, 2010, Rosie fell asleep on her favourite dog bed and didn't wake up.  We were all honored to take care of Rosie during the last year and a half of her life.

Cleo is a 10 year old female that was abandoned in a boarding facility for 4 months before SARR was asked to take her.  Sadly, shortly after coming to SARR, Cleo was diagnosed with mammary cancer that had already spread throughout her body.  Cleo only spent two months in foster care before the pain became too great and we had to let her go to the rainbow bridge.  It saddens us that Cleo only had 2 months with a loving foster family however we think that the love of her foster family gave her the strength to relax and move on after spending so much time abandoned in a boarding kennel wondering where her previous owner was. Rest in peace sweet Cleo.

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