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Venus was Shaman & Vega's mother.  The 3 dogs were surrendered by a by their owner when he was unable to provide properly for them.  Only 3 of Venus' litter of 10 pups survived predation and the elements - with Shaman and Vega being surrendered to SARR for us to find them great forever homes.

Sadly, Venus was unable to overcome the instability she had endured in her previous life.  Given her lack of socialization she could never be trusted around cats and other dogs.  The difficult decision was made to help her cross Rainbow Bridge to find the peace that this world denied her.

Venus will be forever remembered for her the great Rott companion she could have been (evidenced by the great temperament she produced in her puppies) had she been raised in a responsible home with loving guardians.

Toby came to SARR after being bumped around between a number of unsuitable homes before he was surrendered to us.  Unfortunately, SARR was unable to help Toby overcome the instability he had endured in his short life including lack of socialization, and a difficult decision had to be made on Toby’s behalf.  In the time Toby was with SARR, he had a number of “advocates” – special thanks to Kim, Harry, Kristin and Heather for helping Toby the best way they knew how.

Toby will be remembered for his love of going for walks and the dog he could have been, had the families that had him along the way, truly understood the lifelong commitment involved in pet guardianship.  Rest well little Toby!

Damon and his sister Tascha came to SARR at the ripe age of 10 years old, after their owner surrendered them to the Humane Society because they didn’t have time for them anymore.  Due to their advanced age, their foster family decided to give Damon & Tascha their retirement home.  Tascha passed away in April 2006.  After 4 years in rescue and many happy memories later, Damon crossed Rainbow Bridge in June 2008.  Damon was a gentle giant and will be remembered for his big heart, the twinkle in his eye when he thought a walk might be on the horizon and the limp in his step that he courageously endured most of his life….not to mention the doorknob he ripped off the first time his foster family tried to separate him from his sister!  Rest well Damon!

Wicca came to SARR after her family abandoned her and moved back East.  Crazy Wicca is a fun girl - a real blast to have around, she is equally happy to go for a hike in the mountains or snuggle on the couch and watch a movie on a cold day.  Wicca enjoys the company of her foster family's dogs and young girl, their cats aren't too fond of her kisses though!  We were thrilled when Wicca found her forever family at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, complete with Rott-brother Damien.  Way to go Wixy!  Wicca crossed Rainbow Bridge in March 2009 after a brief time with her forever family.  Thanks to the Lindsay family for loving her so dearly.

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