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Ida came to SARR as an owner surrender when their neighbours complained that she barked a lot as she was left outside all day long!!  Ida's initial vet visit indicated that she had blown both of her knees prior to coming to Rescue and a call to the previous owners' vet confirmed that they had declined surgery at the time of injury (18 months prior) due to cost.  Ida was adopted by Taiga's family and was cherished by them for almost 2 months until the pain of the  arthritis associated with the condition became unmanageable.  Ida will be remembered for her love of balls - chasing balls, carrying balls, playing soccer with balls, swimming with balls, playing with balls - you get the picture!

Ursula came to us when her owner gave her to a vet clinic to re-home because she had "accidents".  The Rescue's vet quickly determined that daily doses of estrogen would clear up the leaking problem, and it did.  Sadly, she presented an aggressive form of cancer within her first month in Rescue which ultimately took her life within four weeks.  Ursula "the sea hag" loved to amble slowly down the hallway after the resident cats with a big grin on her face and boss the resident-rotts around from her self-proclaimed dog bed throne.  She was a quirky dog and will be missed.

Farica came to Rescue when her owner surrendered because his girlfriend didn't like Rottweilers.  Unfortunately, Fari was unable to overcome the instability she had experienced in her previous life and the Rescue helped her find the peace she so deserved.  Fari loved to run and ran everywhere.  Her foster family will forever remember watching her stretch out for all out runs from one end of the off-leash park and back - repeatedly - just because she could.

Cubby came to SARR from a shelter in Montana.  He was diagnosed with severe dysphasia by the Rescue's medical team and was made a permanent member of his foster family.  Cubby passed away at 7 years of age due his displastic condition.  Cubby will be remembered for his barks of joy from his chair in the family room and his goofy, lovable nature.

Ava came to us after being seized by Lethbridge animal welfare officers with her puppies when the owner was providing insufficient shelter and food.  Sadly, Ava was unable to overcome the instability she had enduring while trying to fend for herself and young ones.  Ava will be remembered for her love of swimming in the river,  chasing tennis balls and cuddling her foster Dad on the couch and sucking on his arm.  She was her foster family's first foster dog and made a real impact on them - she will never, ever be forgotten.

Gidget was the last of Finn's puppies to be born on October 10, 2005.  She was born with a heart condition and a cleft palate which made it impossible for her to nurse.  The Rescue's vet compassionately euthanized her to prevent a slow and painful death due to starvation.  While we didn't know her for long, Gidget was a strong reminder that every single life counts and is to be cherished for whatever time we are blessed with them.

Blazer came to SARR when his time ran out at a local shelter after his owner abandoned him when she moved.  Blazer was our resident gentle giant.  He got along well with all the dogs (big and small) in his foster home as well as the cats.  Blazer suffered a fatal heart attack while being walked by his foster Mom one evening and died in the arms of the foster family that deeply cherished him.

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