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Tank made himself right at home in his foster home - so much so that they have adopted Tank!  Tank is thrilled to be part of their family and is learning to share his new home with their cats.

We are happy to report that Parker has found his forever home with an older rottie sister that is showing him the ropes!

We were thriled for Gabby when she was adopted by a family that includes a chocolate lab brother that is learning to tolerate her silly puppy antics!

Squirt was very excited to be adopted by a family in Southern Alberta that includes a big rottie sister to show him the ropes and a smaller terrier cross that tries to boss him around!!

Marcus was very happy to be adopted by a family in Southern Alberta that is keeping him very busy and he even has a feline sibling to play with!

After spending a year in foster care with SARR we were thrilled when Laila was adopted by a Calgary family that thinks she is precious and absolutely wonderful!  Laila is very excited to be the center of attention in her new home!

Hia is now living with a past SARR adopter and is loving her new life especially her big rottie sister Sadie!

Dixon was adopted by a wonderful family and he is now busy learning the ropes of the family business on their working acreage.  Great job Dixon!

Eddie was adopted by a wonderful and patient family that has helped him transition easily to his new life.  Eddie is enjoying his daily walks with his new buddy, their dachshund named Dash.

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