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Herschel found his forever home in Northern Alberta, complete with Rott brother “Dobbin” to show him the ropes.  Way to go Herschel!

Duke found his forever home with a SARR volunteer where he now gets to be an ambassador for Rottweiler Rescue!  Great job Duke!

Tucker found his forever home outside of Edmonton, Alberta complete with a Rott sister "Shisa" - it's now a competition to see who can wear the other out first!  Have fun Tucker!

We were very happy when Sadie found her forever home in Calgary with past SARR dog "Panzer" and his family!  We know Sadie will be loved forever in her new home!

Amy found her forever home with past SARR dog “Dax” and his family, where we know she will be loved to pieces!

SARR was pleased to have the opportunity to help sweet Annie find a stable forever home with a mature family East of Calgary where she is the center of her human Mom's love and adoration.  Way to go Annie!

Diesel “the Ewok” as he is fondly known by his foster family, decided to adopt his foster family recently.  He is now a cherished member of the Bell family, complete with past SARR dog Jayda, crazy Molly and Luke.

Tazz found his forever home where he’s the center of his human Mom’s love and attention and he is keeping her laughing with his silly shadow-chasing fettish.

Shadow found his forever home in Northern Saskatchewan, complete with a Rott-sister, to adore and play with.  Way to go Shadow!

We were thrilled when Dani found his forever home with three kids to adore - hooray for Dani!

We are thrilled to report that Riley was adopted by his foster home who thinks he is the best dog they have ever fostered!  Riley is now living with kids that understand dogs should be respected, not tormented.

Dawson found a great new start with a family in Edmonton - complete with Shelties to play with and cats to impress!  Dawson is having a great time and his new family can't imagine not having him in their life.

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