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Jenson found his forever home in Calgary, complete with two feline siblings and a Mom to spoil him rotten – way to go Jenson!

Ransom was returned to SARR due to no fault of his own after 10 months in the NWT, his new family just wasn’t prepared for the lifelong responsibility of owning a dog.  We were glad to get Ransom back to SARR, get him slimmed down and find him a more suitable home.  We were thrilled when Ransom found a family of his own in Northern Alberta where he is the center of attention!

Hailey found her forever home with Deuce’s family after Kema crossed Rainbow  Bridge.  Hailey has big paws to fill, but we know that she and her new family will love each other to bits.

Remy, now called Bear, found his forever home with Abram’s Dad.  Life just hasn’t been the same since Old Abe passed away and now that he has lots of land to walk his dog on, Tony is ready for a new rottn one to share adventures and fun with.  Remy is going to have a marvelous life, thanks to Tony for giving.

We were thrilled when Bogey found his forever home, complete with a Bichon sister, with mature family in Southern Alberta and is now spending his Canadian winters enjoying their horse farm.

Everything is much better for Louie now that he is in a loving foster home and the good news is he won't have any long term side effects from his previous life!  Louie found his forever home in Southern Alberta complete with a mature Rott-sister and a Schnauzer sister to show him the ropes - way to go Louie!

We were thrilled when Leela was adopted to a great local family and is now enjoying her time chasing shadows in their home and playing with the family.

Dax has found his forever home west of Calgary, complete with a Rott brother and German Shepherd sister to show him the ropes - way to go Dax!

We were excited when Isis found her forever home with a great family in Calgary and is enjoying going to work with her family every day.  Way to go Isis!

Zeus found his forever home with a mature family in BC where he is the center of attention, their love and affection.  Way to go Zeus.

Walker found his forever home with past SARR dog “Ruby” and her family in Pincher Creek.  Way to go Walker!

Zayda found her forever home with past SARR dog “Carly” and her family in Calgary.  Zayda is well on her way to regaining a healthy body weight and we know that the Butlers will give Zayda the TLC she needs so she can get to having some FUN!  Zayda’s journey was written up in the March 2009 edition of Citizen Pet.  You can read it by clicking here.

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