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Mica found her forever home in Northern Alberta with a family that had recently lost both of their rottn ones.  Complete with a mature Siberian Husky buddy to show her the ropes, Mica is settling in well and looking forward to being a PERMANENT member of this family!

We were thrilled when Gibson found his forever home with Calla’s family after her older Rott-brother crossed Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.  Gibson is such a wonderful boy, and we are so grateful to the special angels that found him abandoned on their driveway and asked SARR to get involved.

It has been determined that Quinton has a degenerative spinal condition and his limited time left on earth will be spent basking in his foster family’s love.

Vega found her forever home with an active outdoorsy family in BC - way to go Vega!

Tosca, now called B2 found her forever home a mature family that lives in Drumheller.  Tosca is enjoying being quite literally the center of the household's attention and meeting all the new people that come to her human Mom's office everyday.

Griffin, now called Cooper, found his forever home with a mature family in Calgary that is committed to helping him increase his confidence.  Lots of love and dog walks are in his future!

Shaman found his forever home with a retired couple in Lethbridge after they ran into another SARR dog and her family out walking one evening.  Shaman is enjoying being the center of their attention and was THRILLED to find that his new family has 5 grandchildren for him to adore.

After many weeks under medical supervision for an ear infection that went untreated for an extended period of time, Calli found her forever home.  Calli’s new family had seen her at the SPCA and eagerly – but patiently – waited until she was given a clean bill of health to bring her home.  Let the real fun begin….

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