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We were thrilled when Marshall found his forever home with a loving family in Northern Alberta where he is the center of attention, well, almost, he has 2 Siamese feline siblings to share his big dog bed with!

Scout was adopted by "Tazz" the Bull Mastiff, and his human guardians.  Tazz and Scout are still trying to figure out who owns all the dog toys in the house, including the Miss Kitty toy, but her new humans are loving her to bits.  Way to go Scout!

Mojo, now known as "Freya" was adopted by Quincy's family (now known as Wilheim) in hopes that he would leave the family matriarch, "Magda" alone and rough house with someone his own age instead!  Freya is settling in in well and her new family (even the cat!) loves their new pint-sized bundle of attitude.

We were thrilled when Leita found her forever home, complete with a rott-sister "Chloe" to play with.   Way to go Leita!

Ozzie found his forever home with a mature family that had recently lost their rottn one, he's walked daily at Southland offleash park and is enjoying his new ball-throwing Mom immensely!

Sasha became a permanent foster dog in Rescue.  Donations to support her long term care are gratefully accepted.

Hudson was adopted by an active, young family that lost their Rottweiler last year to cancer and was deeply missing rottn-love in their lives.  Hudson and his new family are enjoying getting to know each other.

We were delighted when Nash found his forever home with an experienced Rottweiler family in Edmonton, complete with a rott-brother "Nuke" to play with and a teenage girl, to adore

Roscoe found his forever home with a great family in Calgary that recently lost their companion and were missing being adored by a rottn-one.  Way to go Roscoe!

Willow was thrilled to find a forever home of her very own in Saskatchewan with a family that knew Rottweilers and fell in love with her at first sight